Blind Faith?

I was talking to my friend the other day, and we got onto the subject of religion. She told me that her boyfriend was a “christian”, but didn’t like church. She said he says, “why should I believe something just because thats what I’m told”. And she too said that she thinks that has some merit, because “who can say who’s religion is right?”.” Look at all the different religions in the world, and different denominations.” I too, before I was a christian used this argument. I used to ask, “doesn’t it all really depend on where you’re from, what you’re taught, and what society tells you to believe?”.

But by the grace of God, and in what can only be described as a miracle, I began to do some research. Then I read the bible, and I discovered the truth. I discovered that Jesus Christ, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life,  took my sins upon Himself on the cross, died the death that myself and all sinners deserve. He then rose again on the third day, and because of all of these things I could be saved, and given eternal life. I just had to accept that these things are true. I had to confess my own sinfulness, and my need for a savior.

But you see  this is the problem that many people have, they view religion as a philosophy, or they say that it is a blind faith. And that just isn’t true. I am a skeptic by nature, and I would never believe in something that I didn’t beleive was absolutely true. I didn’t start with the Bible. I started reading other books, books that weren’t “christian”. I encourage you all to just pick up a book that explains all of the major religions in the world, and then tell me which ones make sense. After I read about them all, I decided that Judaism, and Christianity are really the only ones that made sense. I wasn’t willing to concede that Christianity was true, but I thought it was worth looking into. The main thing that really got me, was the fact that the birth, miracles, death, and resurrection of Jesus were all predicted hundreds of years before they actually happened. Even  the way in which Jesus would die was predicted. The entire Old Testament, or Jewish Bible, is written in anticipation of a messiah (savior). I said to myself, “if these things are true, why don’t more people believe it?”

So I then started reading the Bible, and more and more I became convinced that Jesus was in fact who He said He was. The Son of God, the Messiah, who was sent to save all of man kind. I didn’t stop reading there. I continued to read outside sources, such as “The Case for Christ”, and “The Case for Faith”. I read excerps from a famous first century Jewish historian named Josephus. You see the claims of Jesus, and the Bible aren’t just found in the Bible. If you do any type of research and Historical reading you’ll find that it is a fact that Jesus was a real man. Not many people doubt that. The doubt comes in about His claims as the Messiah, and Son of God. But in my estimation He proved this by rising from the dead. If you’re curious why I’m so sure He did really rise from the dead let me know, and i’ll tell you. I’m always happy to share the reasons for my faith.

The point of all of this is, Christianity more than any other religion is not blind faith. It was never intended to be. While Jesus was on the earth He was proving to everyone why He was who He said He was, and why they should believe. The Bible itself doesn’t want you to believe blindly. It tells us to study to show ourselves approved. It tells us to be ready in season, and out of season to defend our faith. You can’t do that unless you have some facts to back up why you believe. The Bible tells us why there are Muslims, Jews, and Christians. It tells us about false religions, and fake gods (Hinduism, and Buddhism). The times we live in are not much different than they were thousands of years ago as the bible was being written, and the events it speaks of were taking place. As far as denominations go, honestly not much is different between them at all. Mainly just our style of worship, and the way we intrepret certain scripture. There are only certain essentials that one must believe, and almost all mainstream denominations do. The Bible is the unerrant Word of God.   Man is sinful, and because of our sin, we are seperated from God and in need of a savior. Jesus Christ is that savior (messiah).  He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, took the sins of man on Himself, was crucified. Then rose again on the third day. And that’s pretty much it. Those are the essentials. All you have to do is then confess that you are a sinner, in need of forgiveness, and then ask God to forgive you of those sins, and accept the fact that what Jesus did on the cross, and His ressurection enabled you to be forgiven. You must then turn away from those sins, allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life, and begin to live your life to His glory. That is what it is to be a Christian. I hope you are, and if not I hope you’ll give it some thought, and do some research. God bless! 

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  1. Hello Chris,
    You know God is right in his timing, when tonight I was sitting here thinking Lord, why did you have me start my prayer page, yes, it
    has grown, yes, people come, but, I dont feel qualified to do this,
    I feel like I am NOT doing enough.. etc, etc,
    then tonight I got this BLOG.. WOW, i was blown away.. it touched my heart in so many ways!!! It helped me to see so much in my life, and
    it helped me see and think about “sin: in my life… and I should totally
    should be submitted to GOD!!
    I love HIM so much Chris….
    My husband, WALT died “6” months ago, We were married 22 years, I loved him so!!! He took such wonderful care of me, he always was there for me, was so compassionate, so caring..
    and, then POOF…. 22 yrs later went by so fast, now my life is where!
    and, Father God ask me to pray for HIS CHILDREN……

    I dont feel like I can pray as I used to pray….. I was at 1st soooooooooo excited about this prayer page, then I got real scared.. WHAT IF I FAIL??? What if I dont do everything right.. but, you know I guess i am just human and NO ONE WOULD oR WILL do everything right, and I have to start somewhere right????

    I hope you will come by!

    THank you so much for sending me this BLOG!!!

    From talking to you before, I KNOW FATHER GOD has his mighty hand upon you. leadinh/guiding you, helping you walk everyday before him,
    with much love, courage, and hope in him, that HE WILL help you do your best to get it right!!!!!

    just STOP ……sit in his PRESENCE>.. let his show you.. Father God looks are YOUR HEART…..

    YOU ARE GONNA MAKE IT!!! Love your wife, give you BIG (((( hugs ))))) everyday, and show her how PRECIOUS SHE IS TOO!!!


    ((( hugs )))) PENNI

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