God, why is there suffering and war?!?

I was looking at a friend of mine’s page today, and read how she was reading a book. Here is a direct quote from her page, if you know who you are, this isn’t meant to be insulting but I do want to make a point. Anyways here is the quote “Currently reading: another one of those history books that depresses because all of humankind are savages be it for the “grace of god” or for food”. This sparked me to want to write a few words on this subject.

She was actually onto a good point, many people today want to toss all of the troubles we have today on God’s doorstep, and some even use it as an argument against the existense of God. The fact is many people don’t realize that the bible tells us exactly why we have suffering. The earth is cursed because of man’s sin. The earth was perfect in the beginning, but because of the evil in man’s heart, suffering came into the world. Look around at some of the things going on everyday, rape, lying, stealing, and even war. These are all the results of what man is doing, not God. Does God allow it to happen? Well obviously yes, He is in control, it is His creation, and everything that does happen has to pass through His hands.

The fact is God gives us a free will, how could a God that loves us not? How could we really love Him, if we didn’t have that free will. You can’t love someone unless you choose to. So if God hadn’t of given us a free will, we would never be able to experience that love that God intended for His creation. True love is never forced, it has to be a choice.

But back to the subject of war, and suffering. It is absolutely true that many have used the name of God to justify wars, and for political gain. Again, this goes back to man and the evil in his heart. We know what God desires for us, it is plain in the bible. He desires that we love our neighbor, and treat everyone with love. It even tells us in the bible to love our enemies. But man, since the beginning has thought he knew more than God, and man wants to reject God in order that he can control His own destiny. But yet when bad things start happening, or he starts to suffer as a result of his own actions what does he do? He cries out,”Why me God? Why have you allowed this to happen?” And instead of falling on his face, asking forgiveness, and turning from his sinful ways. He takes the Lords name in vain, and continues to embrace sin more and more.

The fact is, there is only one way to reconcile ourselves to God, and regain His blessings. That is through repentance, and putting our faith in Jesus Christ. The world can’t even fathom the blessings, and the perfection that God has in store for those who love him. There will be a day with no more pain, no more tears, no suffering, no war. But those promises are only for those who accept Christ as their savior. Friends it is all layed out in the Bible, all you have to do is read. It tells us why we are going through these things, and it tells us how to overcome. Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least check it out?

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