Ok, so first off, let me set the record straight. The title of this message wasn’t meant to be offensive. I’m sure some of you when you saw the title were thinking how rude, or politically incorrect.

Also, this isn’t going to be one of those anti-gay, all homos are going to hell posts. Actually quite the opposite.

I have a cousin who is involved in a lesbian relationship. She and I have been very close over the years, not as close recently as we should be, but I still love her very much. I recently was able to meet, hang out, and converse with her and her girlfriend at a family function. I enjoyed it very much. I found her girlfriend to be a great person who I hope to get to know better in the future.

During one of our conversations, her girlfriend mentioned something about how they had recently started attending a different church closer to their home. I thought it was great that they were going to church. So I asked about it. My cousin started telling me some of the things that were going on at this church and it sent up some red flags to me that ok, maybe this isn’t the type of church I was expecting. So I asked what type of church they were going to. She went on to tell me it is a Unity Church. I really had no idea what this was, so I asked what that meant. She said it was a church where “a buddhist” could attend. She also said it was a “homo” friendly church, which was sort of a neccessity for them.

Again, let me state, I don’t know much about this church, but from what I gathered it is not a Christian church. I remember hearing a couple of years ago about a church where people of all faiths could come, and worship however they choose. Basically what I gather is this a church that teaches that there is no “truth” and that anyone can believe whatever they choose, and so on and so forth. If I am wrong about this, please someone correct me. It seems to me to be a church that is about “Spirituality” but you don’t have to be tied to any “rules” of organized religion.

So let me say first and foremost that this is worse, much worse than not going to church at all. Truth is truth, whether you want to believe it or not. The fact that you don’t believe it, doesn’t make the truth no longer true. I’m not going to go into a long discourse on why I believe in the God of the Bible, or that Jesus was who He said He was, other than to say I believe the fact that He died, and was raised on the third day is pretty overwhelming proof. If anyone wants to learn more about why I feel confident in my beliefs, I’d be happy to talk about it further. But this isn’t the purpose of this message. I do want to say though, anyone that teaches spirituality, or a way of spending eternity in the presence of God, outside of a saving relationship with Jesus is teaching something that is simply not true. It doesn’t matter how spiritual you think you are, or even how spiritual you feel, if you haven’t put your faith in the only one that can take away those sins, you are still eternally seperated from God, and as the Bible says, “the wages of sin is death”. If you aren’t going to spend eternity with God, then I don’t think you need me to tell you where you will be spending it.

But again, this isn’t the real reason for this message. The real reason is what my cousin said about this church being “homo friendly”. My response to this was, “well I believe all churches should be that way.” I really do believe this. Aren’t we all sinners? I believe without a doubt the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin, and I don’t condone it in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. But the Bible is very clear on a lot of things that are sinful. Yet, in most churches, homosexuals are shunned, while the other sins are sort of swept under the rug as if they aren’t really that bad. Who gave us the right to decide which sins were acceptable, and which ones arent? The fact is that all sin is unacceptable to God.

I was talking with a co-worker a couple of months ago who is bi-sexual. He was telling me that he was in church with his grandmother, and during the sermon the preacher basically said that all gays were going to hell. Now I don’t know if this is really what the preacher said, or if my friend was just really offended, and that is how he took it. We all have a tendency, when our faults or our sin is pointed out to shut our ears, and make what is being said worse than it really is. However, this is the message that I think you’ll hear at some churches. Even if it isn’t, this is how many in the congregation will treat someone whom they know is practicing this lifestyle. Yet we urge forgiveness for the alcoholic, or the guy cheating on his wife.

Don’t get me wrong, these folks need forgiveness. Not only from us, but first and foremost from God. The Bible tells us that in order to be forgiven our sins we must confess our sins, and repent or turn away from that sin. So yes, I do believe homosexuality is a sin, and yes I do believe that those practicing this lifestyle need to confess and turn from this sin. But these poor souls need to also feel loved, and welcome at our churches. They need to hear the message of God preached, just as much as the rest of us. They are just as worthy of the love of Christ as anyone else. Who can say that they don’t sin. I wish I could say it, but I can’t. I have to confess my sins, and ask forgiveness on a daily basis. I like what it says on one of my friends myspace page. She calls herself a “work in progress” and that is what we all are. I’m not talking about sugar coating sin, or saying its ok. It isn’t. As Paul says, we can’t continue sinning just because God is gracious. Yes He is, but if you truly put your faith in Him, and you are truly saved, you will want to turn from that sin. You will no longer want to continue sinning. That is the difference. The desire to turn from that sin. But how will people know this, if we don’t allow them in our church, or make them to feel like they aren’t worthy of God’s love. The fact is, none of us are. But praise God Jesus didn’t just die to forgive me, or those we see in churches. He chose to die, to forgive every person of their sins, if only they’ll ask for it. Not just those we think are worthy, because like I said, none of us are. The results of accepting that forgiveness is a changed life. I’m living proof of that.

Look at Jesus, during His ministry, He regularly hung out with all different types of sinners and what most people of the day would call the “bad” people in society. When asked about it He said, I didn’t come for the righteous, but for the sinner. Ministry for Jesus was the person right in front of Him. No matter how bad, or how good society might of thought they were. He didn’t sugarcoat the sin, or tell them it was ok. In fact, more times than not, Jesus pointed out that sin and made the people feel uncomfortable. However He also forgave those who were willing to acknowledge their sin, and repent. No matter what, His words were always filled with love. Just as ours should be. Jesus also told those whom He forgave to go, and sin no more. So you see, I’m not talking about a Joel Osteen gospel, everyone feel good, do what you want, God loves you anyway. Yes He does love you, so much that He desires you live the life He wants you to live, and a life fitting of a child of God. But this is a message everyone needs to hear. Even those whom some think shouldn’t be at church. All churches ought to be “Homo friendly” and “Drug Addict friendly” insert whatever you want here..we all need forgiveness..let us tell all whom God sends through our church doors..God bless..


  1. Great post! For many years I attended a church in the heart of NY’s Greenwich Village. There were more than a few gay people who attended worship there. One Sunday the pastor gave a sermon concerning homosexuality which was awesome! But the gospel can be offensive and many of those people never returned. The sermon was given with much compassion as the pastor’s best friend died of AIDS and this church was heavily involved with their own mercy ministry to people with AIDS (which back then was primarily a gay disease). Sadly the world does not view this issue as a sin issue but a human rights issue.

  2. Good post Chris; not dissimilar to one of mine: “God won’t send you to hell if you’re homosexual.”

    It can be very difficult to give people a balanced view about sensitive subjects like this, especially if they’re likely to go to extremes: viz the science versus faith furphy. Perhaps we just have to make more noise to shout over the extremists? Extreme balancing?

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