Not sure if this is a poem, or what it is. I just sat down and wanted to write something, this is what happened.

Hello my friend, how has life been?
Yes I know life has been hard for me too.
Won’t you sit down, and stay for a while…
Let me tell you about my God, my Savior, my friend, how He saved me and what He can do for you.
He created the heavens, the earth, and all you see.
Yet He found it in His heart to save a sinner like me.
He said..
”Look in your heart, can’t you see your great sin. You’ve been lost since your life began. You can’t save yourself only my grace can, fall on your knees and cry out to me. Only then my child, can I bring you closer to me.”
Now I believe, God is calling for you.
Look in your heart can you see your great sin? How you can never stand in the presence of a Holy God?
Our sins have stained us, but the blood of Jesus can make us clean. It’s our only hope, the only way to our maker, the only way He can call us His own.
Rest assured we all will stand before Him, but will He be your loving father, or will He be your judge? There are only two choices but they’ve both been given in love.
I pray to God, to show you His mercy. Won’t you look to the heavens, think of all He has done? Won’t you fall on your knees and cry out for the salvation that only comes through the Son?
Experience that peace, oh I beg you please! Take that weight from your shoulders, set your heart free.
You will find with God, there are two promises that are true. Mercy and wrath, which do you choose?

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