“What is truth?” I heard you say. “What is truth, and why does it matter anyway?”

But when you look to the sky, tell me what you see. Is it not the same for both you and me?

What about the stars? What about the moon? If the sun stopped shining tomorrow, would that not be our doom?

What about your wife, when you look into her eyes…is that not true love? Does it not hurt when you see her cry?

Laughter, tears, joy, and sorrows, are those feelings not real? Find me a place on this planet, where time is standing still.

Yes my friend, there is truth, it’s what makes this world work. The oxygen in your lungs, your feet standing on dirt…

Without these things, these truths, you wouldn’t be…That is absolute truth, for both you and me.


“In the beginning, God created…” is the greatest truth known to man. You are right there are some things we don’t understand.

Understanding doesn’t make something matter. There are some things that “are”. Being…existing…living…these things matter.

I don’t understand the sun, but without it I have no life. I don’t fully understand love, but yet I love my wife.

Of course I want to live, but for my kids I would die. Not everything is easy, yes some things we can’t understand.

But here is a truth, in His own image, God created man.Do I have to understand it to make it true?

Not at all, and isn’t it possible, that God might reveal Himself to both me and you? I believe He has through creation, through His word, through His love, through the love of others…oh how I long to call you brother…


What is truth? God is truth.

Why does it matter? God matters…without Him you have no life.

-Chris Canuel

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