Notes from Advance09-Tyler Jones

…posting my notes from the conference..I’m not a great note-taker but hopefully someone else can get something out of them as well and be blessed…

-Through the church we bring the light to a dark world. -Eph. 2
-Church gives glory to Jesus. -Eph. 3:21
-Walk in love. -Eph. 5 (Love like you love your wife/Spouse
-love is a sacrifice, love is a risk, love is devotion.
-you love what those you love, love.

Jesus risked(gave) everything for us, we should love Him. Love what He loves.

-The Church is Jesus’ bride, love it like Jesus loves it.

Only 26% percent of those asked are affiliated with a local church.
16% have no religious affiliation
1/2 of evangelicals are 50 or older.

Why church is in decline

-Too much hope in political alliance.
-Not passing our faith down to our children**
-Failure in Christian education.
-Fighting between denominations.
-Less capacity to reach out due to all of the above reasons…

– Culture has changed and is hostile to our church.
– Culture has changed, and we haven’t changed with it.
But these things are not the root problem. The need is not to EVOLVE, but to REVOLVE around Jesus.
All that really matters is that we love, know, and worship Jesus!

-Like the Church in Ephesus we have taken our eyes off of Jesus; we’ve forgotten our first love.
(Purity of Doctrine is key)
-We have taken our eyes off the mission.
(Territorialism, churches fighting amongst themselves, have we forgotten that we are in a battle for eternity?) ETERNITY HANGS IN THE BALANCE!
-Toxic nature of churches.
-Christians today have a sense of entitlement.

We must have long term active repentence!!

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