Notes from Advance09-Bryan Chappel

…posting my notes from the conference..I’m not a great note-taker but hopefully someone else can get something out of them as well and be blessed…

What is the only reason sin has any power in your life?
-Because you love it.
-You must have a surpassing love. A surpassing love for Jesus.

*Agenda of the Gospel is Holiness.
-Preaching must enable your people to love Jesus above all.
-People must be convinced of the beauty of Christ.

*Duty of the Gospel, is a love for Christ.
-When you are filled with the love of God, you want to love Him back.
-Grace is everywhere in the Bible. All Scripture points to Jesus.

*All Scripture…
-Predicts Jesus, Prepares(foreshadows) for Jesus, reflects Jesus Christ.

The Bible tars every person in the Bible but one…Christ

*We must reflect the Gospel in our lives.

-Be what you are, a child of God, Saved by what God HAS done.

*Ask 2 questions when reading Scripture…
-What does this text tell me about God?
-What does this text tell me about myself?

*What changes people?
-Knowledge is power.
-Knowing who they are.
-Heart must change(New creation)
It is not what WE DO, it is what God HAS DONE.
-Love is power

Fill your childrens and your flocks heart with love for Jesus!

If you assure God’s people of God’s love they will do what God wants…

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