Notes from Advance09-Ed Stetzer

Matthew 16-mentions the church for the first time.

-The Kingdom of God & The Church(Mission of God)

Problems-Dispensationalism, Liberalism.

-The World doesn’t get better without Jesus.

Must be a Kingdom focused Church.

*Recognize the Centrality of Christ-JESUS IS ENOUGH

Matthew 16:13-16/Jesus is the Messiah, Son of the Living God.
-every message must be about Jesus, not just change
-always make Jesus the hero, proclaim a great Jesus. Preach a great Christ not a great Church.

Peter’s confession is the foundation of God’s church.
-the church holds the key to the Kingdom of God.(The Mission of God)

Jesus said I will build MY church
It is Jesus’ church.

–todays church is cowardly and compromised–

The point is not that the church will resist Hades, but that Hades cannot resist the advance of the church!

We’ve got a lot of religion, but not a lot of Jesus.(Don’t create a sub-culture)
We must Re-Jesus the Church.
We must see the Church as important as God see’s the Church.(The beautiful bride of Christ)

A Church without a Kingdom focus is useless.


The world does not see the church as it should be.
-the Church is a mess.

The Church gives admittance to the Kingdom through the preaching of the Gospel by the Church.
The Church has authority of those who are inside

Love the people God sent you to. Stop trying to be cool. Don’t envy others ministry..its like ministry pornography.

“The Church is a whore, but she is still my mother.”
-She is still the Bride of Christ.

Go back to where it started..(Jesus is the Messiah)

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