Notes from Advance09-Matt Chandler

…posting my notes from the conference..I’m not a great note-taker but hopefully someone else can get something out of them as well and be blessed…

-Acts 18-


Rev. 2 Church in Ephesus

Must repent(love ministry, but cold toward God?)
Repent of ministry(religion) that doesn’t change the heart.

-Do not assume that people know God.
-Must get theological.
-Preach the cross, bow to the cross, bring others with you.
-If people like what you preach, chances are you aren’t preaching the Gospel

Check out D.A. Carson’s book, “The Cross and Christian Ministry”

-Boast only in the cross.
-Plead for the Holy Spirit
-Don’t strive to become something, the Bible tells us to become nothing.

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