Notes from Advance09-JD Greear/Eric Mason

JD Greear

-God is not a set of duties.

-For people’s hearts to change it requires a miracle of ressurrection.

*Matthew 23-Why is this religious group not thriving?

Marks of relgious people.
-Religious people love recognition. v.5-7
-Religious people substitute ritual for a love of God. v.25-27
-Religious peolple elevate traditions above love for God. v.16-22
-Religious peolple elevate ritual over love for others. v.23 (you must show mercy)
-Religious people are more aware of other’s sins than their own.
-Relgious people always think they are talking about someone else.

Everywhere Jesus went, people changed.
Dont look for technique, look for change.

A church should serve and bless their city.
Why aren’t churches known for their love?

There are no good and bad people. There is only Jesus.

Error is truth out of proportion.

Eric Mason

-Credibility leads to availability

Ephesians 3:3-4

Even Christians don’t like the church these days.

We need to give people a better vision of the church, by showing them the God of the Church.


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