Notes from Advance09-Mark Driscoll-Day 2

People continually worship
-The question isn’t are you worshipping, but who or what you worship.
-We were created to worship God and steward creation.
-Most people are blind to their own idolatry.
-Idols give you an identity.
-Idols lie by telling you they will make you righteous/ “Theology of Glory”-Luther

Possible Idols
-Marriage, children, appearance, wealth, success, career, religious performance, cause(even good ones), possessions, hobbies, pleasure, status, health.

A good thing becomes a God thing = A bad thing

Where does your treasure lie?
What is your glory?
What do you make sacrifices for?
Where does your time go? Money?

Idolatry dishonors God and destroys the people we love.
If you idolize you must demonize.

Luther-“Idolatry starts in the heart” It is ultimately a heart issue

We must get Idolators to become worshippers.

Replace sinful pleasures with greater pleasures.

Read Ezekiel 14

Is it possible the problems in your church or ministry is because of your(my) idolatry?
Maybe you are the biggest problem in your ministry.

There is a such thing as the “passive wrath of God”. It is when God allows you to continually disobey Him.

Possible Idols
-Money, family, sexuality, sexual sin, substance, morality, people.

Ed Welch-“When people are big, God is small.” We’ve replaced God with people.

11 questions/Idolatries

*Attendence Idolatry-Does your joy change when attendence does?
*Gift Idolatry.
*Truth? Are you more right than others?
*Method? Method as mediator.
*Office? Is your office or title your Idol?
*Success? Is winning your Idol?
*Ministry? Your job?
*Innovation? Are you trying to be unique, or faithful to Christ?
*Leader? Who do you want to be like?

REPENT!!! Ezekiel 14:6

Whoever doesn’t repent is a herectic…Some of us are herectics…

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