Notes from Advance09-John Piper-Let the Nations be Glad

John Piper Day 1 -You must care about missions to be “missional” -Never do less for your city so that you can do missions. Do more..Do missions in addition to the other things you do. -We are in wartime(Spiritual) -People are perishing without the Gospel. -Be free from the suicidal snare of “riches” -Calvary Road is a hard road. -Missions gives us signifigance beyond anything we ever knew. We were made for this. Missional living, “missions”. The soul was made for missions. -Missions is the largest concern on the heart of God. Global purpose, not just local. -There is work for ALL OF US to do. 1.) What is the Biblical task of missions? -Not to maximize, cross language barriers, in order to plant missinal organizations. -Find peoples and ethnic groups. Find all peoples, and die in order to take the Gospel to them, LIKE GOD DID. That is missions. -Missions moves until all groups are penetrated. -Missions is the extention of the Abrahamic Covenant. -Pastors need to set their people free for Missions. YES you can add another thing. It is healthy for your church to do missions. -Paul was not a Pastor, He was a missionary. Task of Missions? God places where there is no church. Primarily, with Hindus and Muslims is where the Great Commission is today. Are Missions Nessacery? Are people perishing? There is a hell! The horror of hell does not end! Hell is a punishment, not a consequence! Is Christ’s work nessacery to save people? Emphatic YES! Must they hear and believe in order to be saved? Romans 5:12-21 Acts 17:30 We are accountable to live according to the amount of Revelation that we have. ALL know God. Christ is for the nations. Christ IS here, show Him to the world. Eph. 3:6-Mystery of Christ Jesus’ name MUST be lifted up Acts 4:12 Romans 10:13 All saving faith will have crucified and risen Christ as its object. Men are born again by the living word of God. New Birth comes through the word. Acts 26:16-18 From the Q&A Pray, Repent, Preach Christ=Revival?-Tyler Jones Fear God, not man. Fall in love with the Supremacy of God over all things. People are only perfect from a distance-Be God centered.-John Piper John Piper-Day2 Missions is a certain calling i.e. being a missionary. Motive-Not just obedience, or love for lost sinners. Must have zeal, burning and passionate for the glory of Jesus Christ. We should be jealous for the name of Christ.-OUR KING JESUS We need to be more God-conscious. Global sense of God’s authority. YOUVE SEEN THE KING. NOT PRIDE, LOVE FOR THE KING. Missions is not the ultimate goal, WORSHIP IS THE GOAL. Worship is also the fuel. You cannot tell people to be glad in God, if you aren’t glad in God. He chose us for His glory. Eph.1:6 He created you. He called Israel. He rescued Israel, for His names sake. The Lord will not forsake His people, for His name sake. Christ on the cross made a name for Himself, for God..which is HIS name. He will remember our sins no more. Jesus is coming again, to be marveled at. Jesus’ Goal, John 17:27, for us to see His glory. God’s passion for God is the main motive for completing the great commission. Its not egomania, but love. The way He displayed His glory/love WAS His love. It was His grace, it was infinitely costly. He wants us to see His grace & make much of it. It is love because it brings you home to God. IT IS MORE LOVING TO SEE THE GLORY OF GOD THAN TO LIVE! He is so glorious, He spills over onto us. Death can lead to the glory of God-think Lazarus How? Prayer is not the work of missions. Preaching IS the work of missions. The seed is the word of God. The Gospel is the frontline work of missions. Empower boldness and open mouth with prayer. Words alone are nothing(God gives them the power through the Holy Spirit.) You cant know what prayer is for, until you know that life is war. You don’t have a chance against the devil, without prayer. A preacher that doesn’t pray is powerless. What is prayer for? FOR WAR!! John 15:16 God is giving you a mission so that your prayers can be answered. Prayer is for missions. Prayer is crying out to is our walkie talkie to God. TAKE HOLD OF GOD AND DONT LET HIM GO! Matthew 20:14 Acts 13:48 Why would you not want to be used? Because He ordains doesn’t mean that He doesn’t use means. Matthew 9:37 God REALLy wants you involved. He blesses people with causality. DONT LET YOUR THEOLOGY GET IN THE WAY OF THE BIBLE. Toughen up, we are soft. Devil doesn’t go on vacation. No vacation from war. In this war, there are no deaths, only wounds.(for the christian) It’s going to cost you your life. -Because Jesus suffered and said we would. -Because Paul said there is no other way home. Staying through many tribulations. -It is the normal path of blessing. -It is the normal cost of Godliness. -In suffering God purifies His saints. -You are the salt of the earth. Light of the world. Paul rejoiced in his sufferings. It is why we are on this planet. His power is perfected in our weaknesses.

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