Notes from Advance09-Danny Akin

Notes from Advance09-Danny Akin-Sorry I took so long to post:) I also missed the first part of the message…

The most remarkable thing about being saved. You get a new daddy, a heavenly Father. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Everything in this world may come and go, but Jesus will never go. Jesus is forever.

We must have respect for leaders.
-Leaders speak the word.
-Leaders are our example
-Leaders shepherd the flock
-Leaders are accountable to God
-Leaders are to serve with joy.

It is unprofitable if we don’t respect leaders…

Be faithful to the word.
Be an example worthy of being followed.
Shepherd the flock with care, you must be trusted.
Do not move away from Christ-centered doctrine. Christ is the center.
Offer Spiritual sacrifices of praise.
-Our altar is Christ and His cross.

People that get the most out of the altar of Christ and His cross are those that live for others.
Look to the Lord Jesus as your great Shepherd, it all revolves around Jesus.

We are who we are, because Jesus is who He is.

Read Hebrews 13

*Christ has put our sins away. Jesus has dealt with Sin!
*God is a God who never gives up on His children.

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