You’re so vain…I bet you think this post is about you.

Someone once asked me, “What exactly is a blog?” I struggled for a bit, and then finally it came to me and I answered, “Basically it is a place where people who think they are more important than they really are, or believe that people actually care what they think, write stuff down, and hope people read it.” I think these words often apply to our social media posts as well.

I’m sure I am over-simplifying it, and there are many reasons that one should blog and use social media. But many times I believe my summary is pretty right on. Don’t worry, I include myself in this category. Sure I hope my words can encourage others, perhaps inspire them, and basically just share some insights that I believe God has given me in my daily life that they can apply to theirs. Many times though, maybe even most times, it is me being vain, and thinking I am very important, and wanting to show someone else just how clever I am. Who knows, maybe I am doing that even now…Sometimes it sucks being human…

Something I read recently in a blog by John Piper, seems to apply here:

“Humility is the gift that receives all things as gift. It is the fruit not of our achievement but of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22). It is the fruit of the gospel—knowing and feeling that we are desperate sinners and that Christ is a great and undeserved Savior.

Humility is the one grace in all our graces that, if we gaze on it, becomes something else. It flourishes when the gaze is elsewhere—on the greatness of the grace of God in Christ. “

Lord help me to gaze upon the greatness of the grace of God in Christ, and nothing more…

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