Reflections from a week of pain…

It is now been a week of pain for me. Technically a little over a week, the first bits of pain actually came last Monday. Still I thought this would be a good time for me to reflect on my week, and some of the things that God has been showing me.

First, one of the purposes of pain is to remind us of the horrors of sin, as John Piper wrote in his blog this past week. Notice that God first speaks of pain when talking to Adam and Eve right after the fall. (Genesis 3:16-17) It seems to me that if we did not have pain and suffering in the world, we would forget just how horrible sin is…I think then we would seek God even less than we do.

Second, this past week has reminded me that I’m not nearly as Godly as I’d like to think I am. When I’m in pain, I become very self focused and self consumed. I have had to force myself this week to pray for others, instead of just worrying about myself. That is not a natural thing for me. I desire to be more like Jesus. When Jesus was hanging from the cross, do you remember what His words were? “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do…”(Luke 23:34) As Jesus hung from the cross He was praying for those that crucified Him, and were then casting lots for His clothes. For me, I have a belly ache, and it’s all I can do just to pray for others who may be sick, or hurting, probably in most cases in an even worse condition than myself. It shames me that as a disciple of Christ, that is not my first reaction, to be more concerned about others than myself. Lord, I certainly need more of You. This past week as I’ve struggled with this pain I’ve not been the disciple, husband, father, son, or friend that I should have been. I repent of that, please forgive me Lord. And for those of you reading this, I ask your forgiveness as well.

Third, as I read through the Psalms a few verses stood out to me that I will post here, I suggest for all who are reading this to go read these verses for yourself. As I read Psalm 3, especially verses 3-6 and verse 8, I was reminded that God is ALWAYS faithful. Therefore I can have peace in the midst of trials and know that God is good. As I read verse 7 of Psalm 3, and then the first verse of Psalm 4, I read how David prayed with confidence knowing that God is indeed faithful. I too can confidently pray to God, and trust in Him, knowing this same truth. All of us who are God’s people can do the same…

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