In His Image: The love of a father.

It has been way too long since I blogged, my apologies to all. This will be a short post(maybe), but it is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last few days. My wife just gave birth to our 4th child(one of the reasons I haven’t blogged in a while) and it has really caused me to reflect on God; His goodness, His grace; fatherhood, and really what it is to be a father.

One of the greatest gifts that God has given me as a result of fatherhood, is that I can identify with God on a level that I could not until I became a father. This may sound a bit “over-spiritual” to some, maybe even a little arrogant, or blasphemous, but please let me quickly explain, by giving a few examples.

  1. God created man in his own image: We as humans, albeit imperfectly, in some way reflect who God is. In much the same way, our children reflect who we are. This of course entails physical attributes, but even more so, and I’m seeing this more as my children grow, as we interact with our children more, their personalities also reflect, and show a good bit of their parents influence on who they are.
  2. Unconditional love: The love God has for his children is unconditional, as is my love for my kids. As I hold my newborn daughter, I know there are going to be times when she angers me, and even disappoints me. Yet nothing she ever does will ever cause me to stop loving her. The same is true for all 4 of my children.
  3. Grace: Very similar to my last example. A very simple definition to the word grace is “unmerited favor”. This just simply means getting something good that you don’t deserve. My kids have done nothing to deserve my love, other than the fact that they are my children, and I love them. They don’t have to earn my love. I love them simply because…well, they are mine. God looks at his children in much the same way.
  4. Discipline: There are times, and will be times, when as much as it hurts me I must discipline my children. This is hard, and sometimes heart breaking, but it is a necessity of good and Godly parenting. The Bible tells us that the parent that loves his child will discipline him. The Bible also tells us that in the same way, God also disciplines us. Discipline when it is happening is hard, and sometimes hurtful, but ultimately it is, or at least should be motivated by love.

I’m sure if I thought really long and hard I could think of several other examples. Unfortunately though, I’m a bit sleep deprived, which may come across in this post. My apologies for that as well, hopefully the point of the post came through regardless.

I appreciate all of your prayers, as my wife and I embark on this new journey with our 4th child. My greatest prayer, is that I will in some way reflect God’s image, as a father, and love my children with gracious, selfless love, in the same way that He has loved me(exhibited perfectly in the person of Christ). My family is truly one of the greatest evidences of grace towards me that I can think of. I am so thankful, and blessed beyond words.

God bless you all…Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.(Yeah, so it wasn’t such a short post after all)


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