Eunice Canuel-Graveside Message

Below is the message I delivered at the graveside for my Grandmother’s funeral.

Eunice Mills Canuel, September 15, 1914 – August 15, 2010

In John 11:25-26 Jesus said, “…I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. “

The promise we have from Christ is eternal life. Though here on this earth we experience physical death, we have the promise from Scripture that “though we die, yet we shall live.” If we believe in Christ, we shall never die. We have this hope because Jesus has been raised from the dead, and it is only through Him and his resurrection that we have this hope.

Psalm 116:15 tells us, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

To hear that death is precious to the Lord is a bit of a puzzling statement at first glance. But when we take a second look, we really get to see the thrust, or the true meaning of that statement. Death is precious to the Lord, IF, we are his saints. Death is precious to the Lord because it is at that moment, that he can welcome his precious children home.

Home…that is where granny is today. This body that we are about to lay to rest, is not granny. Her spirit is right now in the presence of her loving Savior. While we all still, in some way cling to this body, because of the many wonderful moments, and memories we’ve shared with it, we should instead look forward, and cling to the hope when we too can join her where she is, with Christ, in a place that he has prepared for us.

Revelation 21:4 promises that there will be a day when there shall be no more death, no more mourning, no crying, no pain. I long for that day. I hope that we all long for that day. May we all live our lives, anticipating that precious Day.

I’m going to finish now with a poem I wrote last night, as I reflected on what an amazing woman grandma was, and how much she will be missed, and how thankful I am that we can know where she is spending her eternity.

Granny, you will be missed, that is for sure.
Never will I again, know a heart so pure.

In our hearts already, we all feel a void.
Still we find peace and comfort, knowing you are with your Lord.

In His presence, there is joy eternal, O’ I can only imagine. To know that you are now able to gaze upon His face, I can hardly fathom.

Until that day, when we can meet again, and never have to part. Granny, please know, the love you poured out, the memories we made, will always be in our hearts.

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