Rarely does a book of just over 100 pages hit you and challenge you as does ‘Cruciform’ by Jimmy Davis. This book may be small but it is weighty. There is a ton of theology packed in this small volume. Even more important than all of that, the Gospel, and the power of the Gospel to transform us into ‘Cross-Shaped’ disciples pours from every page.

What does a ‘Cross-Shaped’ disciple look like? Well Jesus of course. Jimmy Davis does an excellent job of unpacking for us the ways in which God is forming us into the image of His Son, and exhorting us to emulate Him both as ‘sons’-yes ladies, this includes you too-and as servants. Davis talks about suffering and discipline, and how they help us to see God, and to know God, and to hear Him say, “I love you”.

I could write much more, but ultimately all I say would be insufficient in summarizing what Mr. Davis has done here. All I can say is, buy it. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. You will be challenged, and by God’s grace, transformed.

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