Forever Changing

It has been quite a while since I’ve blogged. It’s a bit strange. Over the past several months I believe that God has given me more insight into things than I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. Several times I’ve said, “I need to blog about this.” But it just didn’t happen. Even if I sat down to blog, I just felt like I shouldn’t…or couldn’t.

I wonder if God was just telling me to shut up. Shut up and listen. I’m not very good at that. Even though I wasn’t blogging, I don’t know that I was doing a very good job of shutting up. Insights that I believe God was giving me…I didn’t write them…I didn’t even apply many of them. I thought about them. Pondered them. Wondered. Then moved on.

Life has been happening. At a frightening pace. Perhaps busyness was the main reason for the silence. Either way, God has been teaching me. I know it. I hope I’ve been learning. I hope I’ll be changed. I hope I’m changing. I would love to slow down. I don’t know how. I’m learning.

I feel free to write again. I think I do. Perhaps I’ve learned more than I think. I’m still learning, this I do know. Grace is unstoppable. This is a fact. This is exciting. Something new is happening. This blog will be different. My writing will be different. My life is changing. Forever changing. This is good, and scary. Exciting. A journey that is not exciting is hardly worth taking. I’m excited about the new journey. But then again, I guess it has always been the same journey. Maybe now I just have a better idea of where I’m going…or at least how to get there.

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