We must not be silent…

Please, pray for the people of Syria. I have been.

The silence amongst Christians in relation to the situation in Syria has dumbfounded me. I’m sure many are concerned, I’m sure many have prayed. But I don’t hear it. I spend time on social media… I’ve seen no Christians speaking up about the attrocities going on in Syria nor anyone talking about praying for these poor people who are being targeted and murdered by their own goverment. The world at large has been somewhat quiet…but an outcry from within the body of Christ has not happened…the silence is deafening. The world has an excuse. The church does not.

I think for some, it is confusion. We don’t know exactly what is going on…what we can do…so we say nothing. I admit, the feeling of helplessness is disheartening. I feel the same way. Yet, we can pray. We can raise our voices and speak up. If there is nothing else we can do, at least we can do this. I’m sure there are other things we can do…but as of right now, I don’t know what that is. I’ve looked around on the internet, but didn’t find much. Still, I pray. Still, you can pray.

I think for others, it is simply a lack of caring. It doesn’t affect us, so we have little concern. This is unexcusable. As human beings in general, this would be bad enough. If we are Christians, this is shameful, and a gross misunderstanding of who we are called to be. As Christians we are called to stand up for the oppressed, the powerless, the ones who can’t speak up for themselves. We are called to speak against, and to do what we can to stop the shedding of innocent blood. This is true whether these people are of our ‘tribe’ or not. If we can turn a blind eye to murder…I think it says much about our heart. This is a frightening thought.

I admit. I don’t have many ideas of what we can do. What I can do… We can pray. We can talk about what is going on to the best of our knowledge. We can express our hearts…which is why I am writing this post. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t seem like much. Yet, we must not be silent. There is no excuse for that.

I acknowledge there are many situations in the world that demand our attention. I know there are people all over the world being oppressed and murdered. I know there are many people in the world suffering and dying of things that are preventable. All of the things I spoke about above are true for these situations as well. We must not be silent…

I am not dismissing any of those things. The situation in Syria though, has really brought to light a major problem in the Church for me. Silence within the body of Christ as regards the suffering of other human beings who were created in the image of God. Tragic. We must not be silent…There is no excuse for our silence.


  1. You can do a quick search on the internet and find a ton of stuff…basically there was an uprising similar to what we’ve been seeing in other countries. Instead of taking people’s concerns seriously, the government decided to violently try to squelch the opposition. Now they have a city surrounded and are essentially shelling it and taking out buildings one by one. Women, children, journalists…whoever is there is getting taken out. The country is pretty much cut off from the outside world to try to silence what is going on. Thankfully they did allow some women and children to evacuate yesterday I believe…This is a greatly simplified version of the situation.

  2. God bless you. These are my thoughts exactly. The silence of Christians in the midst of Syria’s suffering lead me on an internet search that found your post.

    Thank you for articulating what has been weighing heavily on my heart for sometime. The weight is so strong that at times I can’t pray. I see images from the Syrian Organization for Human Rights and I am left empty: https://www.facebook.com/syriaohr

    Perhaps you are right. More dialouge is needed. I am gripped by the paralysis that comes with a crisis of faith. How does God allow this suffering? How does He see it and not stop it. I am told it is because of original sin that suffering is introduced. That answer does not satisfy and leaves me angry and confused. I am told God doesn’t create evil, but He allowed it to enter into His creation…is evil then necessary?

    I don’t know. God forgive me. I can’t pray and I am angry at the silence in Church.

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