A quick rant(and a thought) regarding Amendment One

Christians believe ‘marriage’ is a religious institution…Christians believe marriage was created and defined by God. If this is true, then it should look like God wanted it to look. To say that people who are Christians should not vote according to their religious beliefs is unfair. You may disagree with those beliefs…but you can’t tell them to leave them at home when they go into a voting booth. Christians are to live and vote according to their biblical convictions. We may disagree with what the Bible says, but we can’t deny what it says.

That being said, I was not really supportive of this amendment. Mainly because I didn’t think it changed things one way or the other…which is why I think it should have been left off the ballot. It is also why I think people should chill the heck out…because when they woke up today, absolutely nothing is different. Even the issue of healthcare and protection against victims of domestic violence has not changed, nor will it. This was simply a scare tactic used by those who wanted this amendment voted down.

Like I said though, I wasn’t supportive of this amendment…and I am a Christian. I do believe marriage is a religious institution and is between 1 man and 1 woman….My question is though- Is this an issue to be decided by the government? Perhaps we should simply take ‘marriage’ out of the public/political discussion…Perhaps we should allow for civil unions across the board for all consenting adults. Give ‘marriage’ to the churches and allow church bodies to bless and recognize ‘marriage’ as their convictions may see fit.

Just a thought.



  1. I know we haven’t met, but we follow some of the same people. I first read your post when Joey Canady shared it – I must say, I agree. Thank you for stating your p.o.v. with such eloquence, and keep writing!

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