Fear Deeper Than Longing


Funny how we look down on those who try to put up a front. We want everyone to just be ‘real’. All we ask out of anyone is complete honesty. Yet, when people are completely honest…we judge.

How could you think that?

How could you say that?

What kind of sick freak are you?

We don’t want honesty, we want people to be who we want them to be.

That is why we put on our masks. That is why we hide who we really are…because we know who we really are.

Everyone puts on masks. If you say that you don’t, you are a liar.

Everyone wants to be perceived how they want to be perceived. We want to be known how we want to be known. But not totally. No one is allowed to know us totally. That would be too scary, Because we know, just as soon as someone knows us completely, they will judge.

How do we know this?

We do the same thing.

Yet, deep down, I think we all have a longing to be known completely. To be known totally.

Fear though, is deeper than this longing. Fear is more powerful than this longing.

How do we overcome the fear. Can we? Should we try to change ourselves so that we have nothing to hide?

We always have something to hide.


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