The art of self deception

From the journal:

Thinking a lot lately about how easy it is to deceive ourselves.

I normally fancy myself that I am a pretty good guy.
I think I’m a good husband, and pretty good looking too.
I’m a better Christian than most people, and I’m not bald.

I continue to think these things despite the fact that there is so much evidence to the contrary.

I’ve lost some weight, so now I’m skinny.
I’m a GREAT father.

I really do think these things most days…but then when I get honest with myself, if honesty with oneself is even possible…it seems more and more likely that I am a liar.

But, why is it so easy to lie to ourselves? Shouldn’t we be able to see through our own lies? Shouldn’t we know ourselves pretty well?

I suppose Jeremiah hit the nail on the head when he said, “The heart is deceitful above all things.”

I am a deceiver. Every day I deceive myself, I deceive others….I think I even try to deceive God. I know in the end though, this won’t work out very well.

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