Still Wandering In The Wilderness


Following his baptism,  Jesus was lead by the Spirit out into the wilderness in order that he might be tempted by the devil. (Matthew 4:1)  I’m sure most of us have heard countless sermons on Jesus’ time in the wilderness and the temptations that he endured. Something that we don’t hear that much about however, is the fact that following his conversion, Paul also spent time in a wilderness of sorts, a time of testing and temptation. Paul alludes to this Galatians 1:17. As this was brought to my attention this morning, it made me start to think…

What is the spiritual significance for us? For me? Might our entire lives following our conversion be a kind of wilderness…a learning process…a learning of how to walk in the way of, and to follow Jesus?

I found the following observation scribbled down in my journal, and I’m not sure if it’s an observation of Eugene Peterson himself, or if it’s my observation I made as I was reading him…Still, I think it’s a powerful thought:

The way of Jesus is both a path to follow, and a destination. Most times (all of the time?) it is the unattainable goal…We are all still wandering in the wilderness.

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