Kindle Deals 5/15

Below are a few deals available for Kindle today:

This wonderful book by R.C. Sproul is FREE Today!

Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard Just .99 cents (This is an important book that I am excited to read)

The God Of The Mundane by Matthew B. Redmond Just $2.99 (One of the best book I’ve read in the past couple years.)

When Will My Life Not Suck? By Ramon Presson Just $3.03

Crazy Busy By Kevin DeYoung Just 3.99

Jared C. Wilson has also written a novel. I’m currently reading this and enjoying it very much.

Otherworld by Jared C. Wilson Just $3.82

These four books by J.I. Packer are still available at an amazing price. Don’t miss getting these!

Weakness Is the Way by J.I. Packer Just .99 cents

Finishing Our Course with Joy by J.I. Packer Just .99 cents

Growing in Christ by J.I. Packer Just .99 cents

Taking God Seriously by J.I. Packer Just .99 cents

I’m sure most of you know this already, but in the interest of total transparency…This blog is signed up as an Amazon affiliate, which simply means that if you click on the links I’ve provided and purchase a book, I get a few pennies for commission. This helps me keep the blog going, and perhaps one day I’ll make enough to buy myself lunch.

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