Kindle Deals 5/17

Some great deals on these very readable little Christian biographies!

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A Bite-size biography of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones – $4.39

Francis Schaeffer: A Bite-size biography of Francis Schaeffer $4.39

Thomas Cranmer: A Bite-size biography of Thomas Cranmer $4.39

John Knox: A Bite-size biography of John Knox $4.49

Matthew Henry: A Bite-size biography of Matthew Henry $4.39

And for a bonus, these two books by R.C. Sproul are also on sale!

How Then Shall We Worship? – $2.99

God’s Love – $3.03

I’m sure most of you already know, but in the interest of full transparency, this blog is signed up as an Amazon.Com affiliate. This simply means that if you click one of my links and purchase a book through Amazon, I receive a few pennies. This helps me to keep the blog going, and one day I hope to be able to buy myself lunch.

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