Simple Faith, Simply Beautiful


I’ve spent the better part of the day with my family at the hospital. My step-dad had a procedure, nothing too major, but major enough that several family members felt the need to join us to offer their prayers and support.

I don’t come from a particularly well educated family. I don’t say this in an insulting way, it’s the reality. This doesn’t mean they are unintelligent, in fact in real world smarts it is actually quite the opposite. Most of my family grew up very poor, and in an area that most people would call ”the country”. I often refer to my family members as “simple” people. Again, some would see this as an insult. I do not.

Along these same lines, if I were to describe the faith of my family members, I would say that they have a very simple faith. Again, for some this would not be seen as a compliment. In fact, I myself have looked down on people who only exhibited this type of “simple” faith. Today however, I was struck by the beauty of a faith so simple. Don’t get me wrong…I love discussing theology. I love learning about the “deep” things of God. I think there is tremendous value in this. I think it is important to discover as much about God as one possibly can. This happens in a variety of ways including spending much time reading books by the great theologians past and present. It includes discussion of the deeper and perhaps even controversial theological issues of the day. I love doing this, and I don’t intend to stop. Yet, today…these things didn’t seem to matter that much.

Today my family didn’t care about the current debate about the relationship between grace and the law. They didn’t care about progressive sanctification. They didn’t care to discuss predestination, election, and free will. Today what I saw was my family simply trusting in the God they read about in the Bible. I saw them trusting, and resting in the promises of God. And you know what? God was faithful, and he delivered. God comforted and brought peace. God granted strength where it was needed. For our part, the throne of grace was approached boldly, and God was praised and worshiped as faithfully as we knew how. I’m not sure that God really asks for much more than that.

Simple faith…today I found it simply beautiful.



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