Help Me Pursue Theological Education!

As many of you know I recently began classes to further my theological education so that I can be better equipped as I continue to seek opportunities in ministry. Part of my success in this pursuit and the speed at which I will be able to receive this training depends greatly on finances. My wife an I have agreed that we would make this journey as fiscally responsible as possible. With 5(almost 6) kids you are always on a budget.

I know finances are tight with all of us. I would ask that you would pray and consider helping us out in this new season of life. All of your prayers, and any help you can give is a tremendous blessing to my family, myself, and my future ministry. Thank you for your consideration.

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To learn more about why I’m doing this, click here.

One comment

  1. Chris, I recommend you check out Western Reformed Seminary. They’re a great seminary (I graduated from there a couple of years ago, also with a family of 5 kids). They have a very nice distance learning program, low tuition, and scholarship opportunities. I know we’re only casual acquaintances through twitter, but I’d be happy to talk to you about WRS.

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