A blog about nothing.

How’s that for a catchy title?

If you’ve been following me on social media you’ve seen about a bazillion pictures of my newborn son. This is our sixth child, so some would think the excitement would be less…but they’d be wrong. Watching the birth of your sixth child is every bit as magical as the first.

Witnessing the miracle of my children being born, and spending time with those little guys always puts me in a very contemplative mood. I ponder the wonder of childbirth, the meaning of life, the goodness of God, and what the future holds for myself and my family.

So, honestly I don’t have much to say in this blog (hence the title). I’m just in one of those moods and I wanted to share. I will say this…we all need to spend more time pondering the wonder that is life. Special moments spark these feelings, but every day is filled with wonder. Most days we are simply too caught up in life to notice.

That is something that has stood out to me the past couple of days. As my son was being born, as my wife bravely delivered him into this world…nothing seemed to matter except for that moment. All of the silly junk on most days I think is so important…right now it isn’t. All I can do is sit in wonder at how good God is…how amazing that he has blessed me so. He has granted me the unbelievable blessing of an amazing wife and six kids. He has granted me the responsibility and privilege to help them to know Him in a greater way. That is what matters to me right now.

May God help me to be more aware of this, even as the beauty of these days dim in my mind, and everyday life returns. Help me never lose that wonder of the goodness of God and the daily miracles he’s placed in my life…even as blessings sometimes seem like a curse, may God give me eyes to see clearly.

So, I guess this wasn’t a blog about nothing after all…Perhaps it was a blog about everything that matters.

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