Politically Speaking

I’ve read several posts on Facebook celebrating the Republican victories and the Senate majority. Several people have said, “We’ve taken America back!” No you didn’t. You’ve replaced one broken political party with another broken political party that can’t and won’t fix a broken political system that can’t fix America…And America is not the hope of the World.

Sadly, most of these people saying these things are Christians.

Again, America is not the hope of the World. Jesus is. Most of these people saying these things really are saying they want to return to a “moral” America. But morality isn’t the point of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an overflow of the Gospel, but it is not the point of the Gospel. We have the leaders we have because we have the people we have casting the votes. We won’t change the World at the ballot box, we will change the World by preaching Jesus and seeing hearts set on fire for the Gospel. When hearts are changed, things will change at the polls…It’s not the other way around. Changed hearts should be what we are after, not simply different results in our elections. Americans could become the most moral people on earth, and be the most moral nation on the planet, and still burn in hell for eternity. So, if you want a different America, stop fighting about politicians and start telling people about Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus…

Jesus never really did talk a lot about politics. In fact, he seemed to go out of his way to avoid it. Jesus said his Kingdom is not of this World. His followers wanted to make it about politics. They wanted him to start a revolution and take power. When he refused to do so, what happened? Everyone turned on him. They were so focused on their oppressors and removing them from power, they couldn’t see the big picture, their need of a Heavenly King and a Lord of their life…That’s not much different than many Christians and many churches today. Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this World. One day he will rule all things, everything will be in submission to Him…those who are His will rule with Him. But that day isn’t yet here. Until he returns it won’t be. Instead of focusing so much on who will rule and reign in our nation today, lets spend more time focusing on who will reign with Christ. He came to seek and to save the lost. Let’s be about his business.

Does this mean you shouldn’t vote? Absolutely not. We all have to obey our conscience. Does this mean there aren’t issues worth fighting for? Absolutely not. We all must take up our part of the fight in the best way we see fit. This being said, the front line of the battle isn’t the ballot box, it’s in the hearts of the people. Until this changes, nothing else will.

End rant.

One comment

  1. Thank you for your post…I do agree that the Gospel needs to be preached, and we need to share Christ first and foremost. I hope that even though America, and it will, goes down the drain as time marches on historically, that the church will only grow stronger and more numerous.

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