HCSB Large Print Ultrathin, Genuine Cowhide Bible – A Short Review

HCSB Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible, Black Genuine Cowhide Legacy Edition

I recently received this beautiful Bible in the mail. I’ve never used a large print Bible before, nor have I ever owned a cowhide Bible, so I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. I was very impressed with both the feel and the look of the Bible. Not only does it feel great to the touch, but the cowhide is very soft and lays flat immediately out of the box. Inside, the text has a great layout that is very easy to read. The large print makes it very easy to read, which is ideal for preaching…especially for myself as I get older. I actually used this Bible to preach last week, and enjoyed it very much.

I’m a lover of the ESV so I’m not sure yet that this Bible will become my regular Bible, but the HCSB is a very good translation which is extremely readable. Overall, I can’t find any objections to this Bible, and would certainly recommend it very highly.

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