And he shall be their peace…



Micah 5:1-5 is one of the clearest and most obvious passages in the Old Testament that points to Jesus Christ – His birth, his life, his ministry, and of course his eternal reign as King over His people. Around this time of year, as we approach Christmas, we hear this passage quoted quite often.

Micah 5:5 says this, “And he shall be their peace…”

For some of us, this could present a problem. I’ve just said that the opening verses of Micah 5 refer to Jesus, and then in verse 5 we are told that Jesus himself shall be our peace. But, we look around at the world today, and we see so little peace. Isn’t this true?

Many of us want to ask the question, “Does God not reign?” Some might ask, “If Jesus was to bring peace, and who himself would be peace has come, why do we see so little peace? Not just in the world as far as wars and violence and terrorism and such, but even in relationships of all kinds. Externally and internally within ourselves, and in our world there is so little peace!”

So, the obvious question is…Has Jesus failed? Did Jesus fail as Immanuel, “God with us?”

One day, peace will cover our physical existence and our physical world in the new heavens and new earth. But before we can know that peace, before we can experience that peace, there must first be peace between us and God…between sinful human beings and a perfect holy and righteous God. Because it is only then that we can truly know peace. Only then can we have true peace in our hearts. Peace between God and his people is the precursor to our ultimate peace that we long for…true and lasting peace with God in His presence as he dwells amongst His people.

This peace between God and man is the peace that God gives and offers in his coming to earth as a man, as the prince of peace, Jesus Christ.

Like Israel who in the book of Micah was laid siege against physically, so spiritually we have all been laid siege against by our spiritual enemies – The powers of Satan, demons, death, and of course and ultimately our sin which empowers all of these things to pull us away from God and destroys our peace.

But Jesus conquered the powers of darkness, the power of sin and death. He did that on the cross and through his resurrection. He now lives in and through us his people, his possession through His spirit. We all now, if we belong to Him, have the very life of God living in us. As we cling to Him, we have peace in the here and now as we wait for our ultimate peace in His new creation.

But apart from Christ, we have no peace…

So, this is what we celebrate at Christmas.

The incarnation of the God who became a man, to make this peace possible…Praise be to God.

Through the righteousness of Christ we find our righteousness. Through his life, the life of God, the life of God become man we find our life. The perfect peace of Jesus with God has now become our peace…

This blows my mind. I hope it blows yours. If not, I really have to wonder if you know it, or if you’ve experienced it. If not I implore you to seek it, to beg for it, to cry out for it. Seek Christ, because Jesus is the ONLY WAY to peace…

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