About Me



Hi! My name is Chris Canuel, and I want to first of all thank you for visiting.

Just a little bit of info about me: I am married to Meredith, and together we have 7 awesome kids. I am a sinner saved by the grace of God through His son Jesus Christ and am still being saved every day. I am the Pastor of Cheerful Hope Baptist Church in Delco, North Carolina and student of Andersonville Theological Seminary. I also enjoy writing, and have authored several books – links to those books can be found at the top of this page. I am certainly blessed far more than I deserve.

**The Story of the Blog**

The Christian life, while filled with blessings, is also filled with struggles. As much as I love God, I don’t always love Him as I should. Many days I struggle with faith and even doubt. Many days I am much more “sinner” than “saint”. If Christians are really honest with themselves, I believe we all experience these things. If Christians are honest with themselves I believe we are all “wrestling” or “striving with God” as Jacob did in Genesis 32:22-31.

This blog is simply the story of me doing just that, striving “with God and with men…” Like Jacob, I am not letting go without the Lord’s blessing, and I have confidence that I too will prevail. Not because of me or my own strength, but because He will deliver me.

As we journey together through this little blog, I pray you will be encouraged through my writings as well as the different links and resources that I share.

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