Blogging Through The Bible

Blogging Through The Bible: Genesis 2:1-9

When we talk about creation, Genesis 1 seems to get all of the attention. Obviously, it’s where we see the origins of all things so its certainly understandable…But I think sometimes we forget how special Genesis 2 is. Genesis 1 gives us the big picture view of creation, but in Genesis 2 the Bible zeroes in on the garden, and especially on the creation of man, who as we said last time is the “jewel” of creation as bearers of the image of God.

First though, in Chapter 2:1-2 we see that God has finished creation, so he sets aside the seventh day, and the Bible says that he rested on that day. This is obviously a precursor to what we know to be the Sabbath, which will be instituted later through Moses. But, for the casual reader that could be a strange statement, that God “rested”…Was he tired? Did he need to rest? Well, no. He is God, He created all things simply by the Word of His mouth, so no he wasn’t tired. I think we see a couple of things going on here…

First, as I said he is setting an example for His people to follow. For six days God worked. For six days he created. Now, on the seventh day he stopped…and the Bible says He rested. But I think it can be inferred from the text that God took time to simply enjoy the fruit of his labors. Many of us could take a major lesson here. Like I said, God didn’t need to rest, but he chose to stop and enjoy what he’d created. He took time to stop and “smell the roses,” to use a human analogy. Verse 3 says that he “declared it holy.” The Word holy as it’s used in Scripture simply means complete, or set aside…This is what we see here on the seventh day. On the seventh day God’s work is finished and he has set it aside.

Many of us should take a cue..We spend all of our time going and working and striving. Work is good, we were created for work, Genesis 2:15 says as much. But, there is also a time to stop and enjoy the fruit of your labors and rest in God and what He has done. This is the beauty of the Sabbath that is prefigured here. It’s not simply about resting, but also about taking pleasure in God’s good gifts.

Now, we move on to what I spoke of earlier and the creation of man. We will fast forward to verse 7, and here the Bible says that “..the Lord God formed the man out of the dust from the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being.”

I love this verse…Again, as I said…Genesis isn’t a science book, and I am no scientist, but it is pretty neat that science does confirm that the minerals and materials found in the human body do correlate quite closely to the minerals that you would find on the surface of the earth. But, aside from this and more importantly is the second part of the verse…God “breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being.”

Man became a living being because God breathed life into him. We owe our lives to God. This is just as true for us, as it was for Adam ever how many years ago it was when he appeared on the scene. You live, you take your next breath, because God wills it to be so. God is the giver of life, therefore all of life is in his hands. Reminding ourselves of this often is healthy and much needed.

In verse 8 we see that God places Adam in the Garden that he planted…then verse 9 the Bible tells us how God provides for the man he created. He planted and caused to grow beautiful trees that yielded fruit for the man to eat…So, God is a perfectly capable provider, and provides us with all that we need. Again, another point that we would do well to keep in mind, and meditate on often…

We also hear about the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…unless you were born under a rock, you know that these two trees play quite a prominent role in the rest of the story…

We are going to stop here, because I really want to focus in on several other aspects of the second part of Chapter 2 before we move into Chapter 3, and I am intentionally trying to keep these blogs short (1,000 words or less), and there’s no way I can do the remaining verses justice in less than 300 words.

So, I hope you’ll stick with me, and come back for the rest of Genesis 2!

Blogging Through The Bible(Intro):Genesis 1

I want to begin blogging through the bible. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I really hope I can keep it up. I don’t know how fast or slow it will go, but I think it could be a blessing to many, including myself. I don’t make any claims to be a great biblical scholar, but I do spend much time studying the Scriptures and I pray the knowledge I’ve gained and will continue to gain can be of benefit to others and I hope that folks might use this as a springboard to study the Bible for themselves.

One of the goals of my ministry, whether it be preaching or writing, is to help others fall in love with the Bible. Obviously the major goal is to help them fall in love with Jesus, but I think this happens fully, when we fall in love with the Scriptures that speak of Him from beginning to end. Also, it is important to note I don’t intend to pull out every single detail of the Scripture. This would indeed take more than a lifetime. I simply intend to pull out the major points that I see as I go through the Bible myself, and I hope to give this to the reader in bite size and easy to understand chunks.

So, as we begin this journey, I beg you for your prayers. I will need them to stay faithful in this blogging journey. Also, please pray for those who read, that they will be blessed and pointed to Jesus. Also, if you have friends or loved ones who are seeking, send them to the blog. Perhaps God would use this to help them learn more about the Bible, and through that learn about God and what He’s doing in the world. I also ask that you would ask questions if you have them, or even just offer encouragement as you feel lead. Few things inspire like a kind word or to know that people are reading and thinking about what you are saying.

So now that we have the introduction out of the way, let us turn our attention to the Scriptures.

People approach Genesis 1 in many different ways. Obviously, there are those who view it as nothing more than a myth. I don’t really have anything to say to those folks, because nothing I write here will make them see any differently. There are also those who believe Genesis 1 is completely true…these are my people. But even among these folks you will have many differing views as to how we should read Genesis 1, and what we should believe about creation.

Here we have the first major point…Genesis 1 is about creation. That’s the point Moses(the author of Genesis) is trying to make in Genesis 1. Where did everything come from? When Moses penned the book, there were many different creation stories going around. Moses wanted his people to know the truth of their own origins, and the origin of all the created universe. Everything we see (and can’t see) came from God. God spoke all things into existence simply by speaking.

Some want to view Genesis 1 from a scientific point of view, and view the order in which God created things and show how it lines up perfectly with the way we know science “works.” I suppose there are good points to be made here, but I don’t want to dwell here for our current purposes. Others want to talk about the age of the earth, and what exactly is the length of a “day” as it is used here…since in Hebrew the word “yom” that is translated as “day” in the text can either mean 24 hours as we know it, but it can also mean other lengths of time…Unfortunately, we can’t “know” how the word is used here…So, there is room for discussion here.

On this previous issue, hinges the debate of the different issues related to evolution. And the origins of man.

But ultimately, this isn’t the point Moses is making.

Genesis 1 isn’t a science book, nor does it intend to be(nor do I believe it is opposition to science as some erroneously declare)…If we want to boil Genesis 1 down to it’s main points, I believe these are the things we must see:

*God is the creator of all things.

*God created all things from nothing.

*God was already present “In the beginning” therefore God is eternal and has no creator…from eternity past to eternity future God simply “is”…This is certainly one of the most important and foundational truths that we have to get and apply to our lives, “In the beginning God…” Indeed God is the creator and is sovereign over ALL things, and upon this truth everything in Scripture is based…and if more of us could wrap our minds around it, it would truly change everything and ¬†how we view the world.

*Man is the highlight and jewel of God’s creation, for he was “created in the image of God.”

*When God created all things he looked around and said it was “very good”

There are of course other “theological” issues we can address here in Genesis 1…

*The Trinity was present at creation…There is the plurality of the hebrew Word “Elohim” used for God..There is also the fact that in Genesis 1:2, it references the “Spirit of God” hovering over the waters…Then we look to John 1 as he puts Jesus in Genesis 1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…The Word became flesh.” So, I believe we see the trinity in Genesis 1.

*Also, as I stated, Man was the jewel of creation. He was to rule over the fish, the birds, and the livestock, and over all the earth…We also see that God provided for man everything he needed, Genesis 1:29-30. And, God as I said earlier, created all things “very good.”

We will see in just a bit that, things didn’t stay “very good” but we can’t place the blame for that on God.