My Books

Ruminations: Reflections In The Midst Of The Journey  is a selection of my writings that I’ve written over the last four years, most of which have appeared here on the blog, and edited into book form. I’m very proud of the way this collection came together, and excited to share it with you. If you would like to grab a copy of the book in either paperback or on kindle you can find it over on Amazon, the links are below.

Paperback $8.97

Kindle $2.99

Restless In The Home: Finding Our Rest In Christ Alone Is a short Bible Study that I’ve written designed to be used by individuals, families, and churches. In the daily struggle to honor God and to love those closest to us, many have grown weary. We are restless. From where will our rest come? In this short bible study I explore the causes of restlessness in our family lives. After discussing the causes of this restlessness that so many of us feel, I then attempt to point us to Christ and the glorious rest that only He can offer.

Paperback $5.99

Kindle $1.99

Gazing At Grace: Six Sermons To Show The Savior is a collection of sermons that point us to the savior. In a day in which many people are unsure of how to read the Bible, and much of the preaching in our churches revolve around moralism or whatever social issues are dominating the day’s headlines, I am convinced that real message of the Bible is Jesus.

Kindle $4.99
Paperback $8.97

Beautiful Ruin is the latest book of essays from Author Chris Canuel. In this companion to his book Ruminations,  Canuel continues to reflect on the journey of faith. Life isn’t always easy, in fact most days it is hard. Still, Chris believes life is always beautiful as God works out his purposes in the lives of his people. This amazing truth is easy to forget as life seems to overwhelm us. This is why it is so important for us to pause and reflect on the beauty of what God is doing in the midst of all of our circumstances.

Paperback $8.99



All of my books are enrolled in the kindle matchbook program, which means that if you buy the print version, you can download the kindle version for free. Also, if you have your own blog and are interested in doing a short review for any of my books on your own blog and/or Amazon contact me, or let me know in the comments below.

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