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The Pursuit of God – A Short Review

This was my first experience with Tozer, and I’m very grateful for it. A.W. Tozer writes as a man passionate about his God. Tozer was indeed in pursuit of God, and his desire for his reader to join him on his journey is infectious. I don’t agree with everything Tozer writes, but the overall message of the book is outstanding. In a world in which so many Christians are simply trying to learn more about God, or simply attempting to rest in their intellectual knowledge of God, Tozer preaches the importance of actually knowing God…of actually experiencing God. This statement I’m sure raises the eyebrows of some, but I think seeking to experience God is a fundamental part of the walk of faith that so many of us are missing, much to our own detriment. I heartily recommend this book, and can’t wait to read more of Mr. Tozer’s work.

You can get the Kindle version of this book for free HERE.

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Book Reviews

I am an avid reader of books about faith, and I love to help other writers get their work seen by more readers. One of the best ways to do that is by having your work read and reviewed. If you have published a book and would like for me to do a review here on my blog, as well as post a review over at Amazon and on social media, simply send me an email at and I will give you instructions on what to do next. Below are some reviews I’ve already done.

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Restless In The Home: Finding Our Rest In Christ Alone


Hi guys, I’ve recently published a short Bible Study. So far the response has been overwhelming and positive. This study is for everyone. A little bit about the study:

In the daily struggle to honor God and to love those closest to us, many have grown weary. We are restless. From where will our rest come? Join Chris Canuel in this short bible study exploring the causes of restlessness in our family lives. After discussing the causes of this restlessness that so many of us feel, Chris will then point us to Christ and the glorious rest that only He can offer. This short booklet can be used by individuals for personal study, or is ideal for Sunday School classes or small group studies.

To purchase simply click on the following links:

Paperback $3.99

Kindle $1.99

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