Book Review: Balance, by Gregory Tyree

Let me start off by saying that I am not generally a fan of “self-help” books or anything that might resemble them. That being said, I really enjoyed this book, Balance by Gregory Tyree. 

First of all, Gregory is a really good writer. His writing style is friendly, and easy to follow, and makes you want to continue reading. He isn’t overly technical, nor is he too “wordy”. He says what he needs to say and he moves on. This is a quality that I wish more writers possessed.

Secondly, Tyree’s illustrations are helpful, clear, and serve to hammer his points home. While I usually find charts distracting, and even at times annoying, the charts in this book I found quite useful. Even his self-assessment tools are extremely helpful, not only to help make his points, but also to make you think about the areas of your life that you may be struggling.

Most important of all, this book is truly a beneficial book. While written from the perspective of a Christian and a Pastor, anyone can be helped by reading this book. Whether most of us realize it or not, there are areas in all of our lives in which we struggle in, or are less successful than we are in others. Gregory does a great job of helping us pin-point those areas without coming off “preachy” or overly critical. In fact, he sees himself as a “fellow struggler”, which is in some ways is quite reassuring.

I personally am very glad I ventured outside of my normal reading habits and gave Balance a read. I’m confident that Gregory has given me many helpful, practical, and easy to follow steps that will allow me to begin to cultivate balance in my life in a way that I’ve not done in the past. I pray that as I continue to take these steps, and as the grace of God continues to work in my life and ministry, that I will become a better husband, father, pastor, and friend. I believe that this book is certainly a tool, that will aid me in this process.

Balance, by Gregory Tyree is available in paperback or kindle. Click HERE to check it out.

Coming Soon! Jonah and the Mercy of God



I’m thrilled to be working with Focus Forward Publishing to release my next book, Jonah and the Mercy of God. Tentative release date is early May, so be watching out for it! I’m so excited about this project, and I can’t wait to share it with the world!  More details to follow.


Shepherding God’s Flock – Book Review

There are few things as important as it relates to the Church as the leadership structure, yet it is something that many at “ground level” really don’t spend a lot of time talking about. I found “Shepherding God’s Flock” tremendously helpful as it put forth the Theology behind the shepherding of God’s flock as well as discussing the biblical history of leadership beginning in the Old Testament and continuing into the New. I particularly enjoyed reading about the history and development of leadership structures throughout the various Christian traditions. This is tremendously helpful for the modern day leader to see why we are where we are, and the strengths and/or weaknesses in whatever leadership structure in our particular expression of the church.

Each author in this book is writing as a Baptist which could lead some to fear there may be bias in the writing and in the conclusions the authors arrive at. Overall I feel the writers did a decent job of steering clear of this danger, though I wonder if it may have been more beneficial to have a wider variety of authors to represent their particular traditions, though then you would simply receive bias in another direction. Again, this book seems to be very fair in it’s observations.

This book at times reads like a text book, and is a bit academic, but I think it is still accessible to the lay person who is simply interested in the theology and history of church leadership. “Shepherding God’s Flock” is a valuable resource and I would say an important read for the Pastor/Church Leader and especially for the student and aspiring Pastor to see the importance of maintaining a biblical leadership within the church.

**I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.