Faith in Politics

So many times in politics I’ve heard a politician say something like,”Well thats my belief, but I can’t let my beliefs, or my faith determine my policy.” My answer is..why not?!?!

If you are a person of faith, and your faith does not determine who you are, how you think, what you do..is that faith? If your beliefs and faith does not effect your policies, and how you govern. Then those aren’t really beliefs. That isn’t faith. It may be an ideal, but that is different from faith and really believing in something.

One of the candidates in this presidential election is a self professed christian. It almost seems to me like he has played the “religion card” in order to appeal to the evangelical christian voter. The problem is this candidate supports abortion. He has talked about how people cling to “religion and guns”. He has also made the case that christians ought not to argue their points based on what the bible says.

As a christian, what is more important than what the bible says? I do agree we shouldn’t cling to “religion”, but we must cling to Christ and our God. No Christian should be able to support abortion rights with a good conscience. The Bible is clear that life begins in the womb. I happen to believe the scientific definition of life supports this view as well.

The other candidate, ironically within a party that is typically the more “religious” of the two. Has not done a lot to tout his own faith. He has refused to use this religion card to appeal to the voters. I respect that. I believe this man to be a man of faith, but I respect the fact that he hasn’t used his religion to try to win votes. To what extent his faith plays into his public policies, I cant say. But I can say that he hasn’t tried to play that card.

I do pray that God would strengthen his faith, as I pray the same for his opponent. I pray that both candidates would turn to God, and rely on His wisdom and guidance, both in this election, and as they govern and determine policy. I also pray that if either candidate is not saved, that God would save their souls and fill them with His Spirit.

God bless America!