Psalm 51 Meditation: Who You Are

Abundant Mercy
Steadfast Love
This is who you are
Rain down your mercy
Pour out your steadfast love…

It is who I am
It is who I have always been
Against my God have I sinned
Sin I chose
Sin is what I always choose
Yet this is not who I was called to be
This is no longer who I am
You have taught me
You are teaching me
Within my soul I hear your voice…

Cleanse me and I will be clean
Wash me whiter than snow
In your mercy I find joy
In your love you have broken me
My sin you no longer see
My heart is yours
Your life is mine
This is who I am
My spirit longs for you
My spirit clings to you
You’ve filled my mouth with your words
My song is praise…

I sing for others
I sing for you
I sing for those who are yours
I sing for mercy
I sing for love
Abundant mercy
Steadfast love

This is who you are…

Ocean Of Blessedness…

Ocean Of Blessedness, wash over me…
Not just what is given, but He, the He who gives
Ocean Of Blessedness, wash over me.

Your glory fills the mouths of the angels with songs of praise
How much more shall my lips sing?
Ocean of Blessedness, wash over me.

Wisdom, Holiness, Mercy they are yours and to you I cling.
All of these you’ve promised to freely give.
Word made flesh, blood shed, Promises kept.
Ocean of Blessed wash over me.

What more could be given? What greater prize to receive?
Ocean of Blessedness, You are He!

Ocean of Blessedness, wash over me…

At the Inn…

I penned this while sitting in the hotel room in Chapel Hill just before taking my daughter to the Doctor.

Sitting at the Inn, just me and my girls,
I marvel at the grace within God’s beautiful world.
Hustle and bustle of the street down below,
so much chaos as the cars come and they go.
Yet, I can have peace inside, no matter what life brings.
On a morning like this, my heart wants to sing.
To the world that’s outside, you must know…
For this rotten, rescued sinner…It is well with my soul.