Restless In The Home: Finding Our Rest In Christ Alone


Hi guys, I know it’s been a while. Just letting you all know I’ve recently published a short Bible study. It is designed for personal, family, or church use. Here is a little bit about it, followed by a link to the kindle version. When the link to the paperback is ready I will post that as well.

“In the daily struggle to honor God and to love those closest to us, many have grown weary. We are restless. From where will our rest come? Join Chris Canuel in this short bible study exploring the causes of restlessness in our family lives. After discussing the causes of this restlessness that so many of us feel, Chris will then point us to Christ and the glorious rest that only He can offer.

This short booklet can be used by individuals for personal study, or is ideal for Sunday School classes or small group studies.

Purchase now for just $1.99!