Words Fail Me

Since “In the beginning…” and “Let there be…”
Man has been grasping for, and trying to wrap his mind around eternity.
Since His life filled our lungs we’ve been searching our minds
Reaching for words, to try and define
The beauty we see, the love that we need.

Words are so insufficient for a God beyond our comprehension
Praise and glory to a God that condescended.
He was revealed to us as the Word, in shadows and pictures
Still we were blinded by sin and misguided wishes.
But the beauty of the story is that He knew our condition.

Word became flesh and dwelt among men.
He lived to die and he lived to live.
He lived in righteousness, he died for sin.
To the right hand of the Father, it was for him to ascend.
So that we might join him, a beautiful bride he’s been given.
Who has the words for a God with such wisdom?

Why I’m Blogging Less

Some of you have probably noticed that outside of a few posts promoting books I’ve not been blogging very often. It’s not that I’ve gotten writer’s block, nor is it that I’ve lost the desire to write. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I am still writing, though not all of it makes it to the blog. So, you might ask, “What’s going on?”

Well, first of all, I’m extremely busy. My wife and I are expecting our 6th child in the next few weeks. We are tremendously excited. But, with the new little one on the way there has been lots of prep. We’ve prepared freezer meals for after the little guy gets here and there is little time for her to cook. We’ve also been switching around and painting rooms for the kids, and making the house ready for the new baby. Along with this, I’m also working. My day job is working with beach tourists, so as you can imagine…summer gets pretty hectic. I’ve also began taking seminary classes…so all in all, life is pretty crazy right now.

But, the biggest reason I’m blogging less is the fact that my desktop computer, that I prefer to write on has ceased to be for the moment. It’s as old as my oldest child, so,I guess it’s about time. I have a laptop, but I’m afraid it’s on it’s last legs also…I do sometimes use it to write, but the easiest of online tasks that should only take a few minutes, end up taking 10 times as long. This is bad news for my writing, and even worse for my classes. I’m just praying I can nurse it through until I’m done with this first phase of of my studies.

So, when I do write for the blog, it has to be either on that old laptop, or my tablet (where I’m writing now). Unfortunately typing on the tablet is a bit tedious, and importing graphics is also more of a project, which makes the blogs less appealing, in my opinion. Which discourages me a bit.

So, this is where I’m at. I want to try to pick up blogging more often again. Perhaps I’ll just have to trudge through it on the tablet…even if it’s shorter posts. Just bear with me, and thanks for sticking with me through all of these seasons of life. It does my heart well, and blesses me beyond belief to know that there are folks who benefit from my words.

Keep reading and be blessed! Until next time…